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The design process of the lottery machine is based on scientific principles, and the design of the series of lottery machines is completed through repeated experiments and demonstrations. The performance characteristics of the lottery machine ensure the fairness of the lottery results. Technical level: With the continuous improvement of the technical level, from the original manual to the now fully automated lottery. The lottery machine is divided into two types of lottery: one is agitating; the other is blowing.


This machine is the air blown lottery machine with large capacity - 2000 ping pong balls at the max. The quantity of balls to draw out can be customized made.


Machine size: 130*70*195CM

Working style: by air blown

Capacity: 2000 ping pong balls or 400 solid balls  .

Ball size: 40 mm in diameter

Color: Black

This lottery machine is working by air mixing with capacity 2000 ping pong  balls or 400 solid balls. 


As this machine works with ping pong balls, the RFID function can't be added. But if you make it work with 400 solid balls, RFID function and Data Push are no problem to be added.

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