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  • Trade name:MARK SIX
  • Product model:MARK SIX
  • brand:GZQIQI

This machine is professional for Mark Six Lottery game. The standard capacity is 49 solid balls. It draws 6 balls out first to the left side display tube, and then it draws 1 ball out to the right display tube, so that to reach 6+1 game which is also called Mark Six game.


Machine size: 45*70*180CM (L*W*H)

Capacity: 49 eva solid balls.

Ball diameter: 4CM  

Material: high quality acylic.

Working style: air blown

Packing: professional wooden case for exportation.


The eva solid balls are with numbers from 1 to 49, and each ball is with six sides numbered printing. Three colors for optional: red, blue and green.

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