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  • Trade name:J150
  • Product model:J150
  • brand:GZQIQI

This standard machine J150 model is in blue and white  color . It is working by mechanism with large capacity saying 1500pcs of  pingpong balls. It is no problem to draw 1 ball/2 balls/5 balls/6 balls/7 balls  out each time. It can be also customized made to draw out required quantity  balls each time.


l   Machines details :

l   Size: 90*60*148cm.

l   Capacity: 1500pcs of pingpong balls.

l   Working style: by mechanism

l   With a numbered buttons board so that you can draw  balls out each time.

l   The machine is packed with wooden case.


We Guangzhou QIQI Electronic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is  the professional manufacturer of lottery machine since 2005. Rfid function,  website function, fully automatic function can be added to any model  accordly. 

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