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Product brand    GZQIQI
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  • Trade name:JH800
  • Product model:JH800
  • brand:GZQIQI
  • Model:JH800
  • Width:900MM
  • Thickness:600MM
  • Height:1950MM
  • Mode:by stiring

High quality lottery machine  by mechanism 

The JH800 electric lottery machine is the standard in mechanical mix lottery  machines using table-tenni balls or solid balls.Three piece of rotating mixing  arms moving in opposite directions, toward the viewing audience, which makes for  a highly-visible mixing action.tumble the balls in the mixing chamber 

Basic parameters: 
Height:  1950MM
Width: 900MM
Thickness :600MM
MODE:By mechanical
Ball  diameter:40MM
Time for each ball to come out: 15seconds
Capacity: 1000  pingpong balls. 

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